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Recreation Ride - Sunday 02 May 10

Follow this link for some information on the latest Recreation Ride carried out by the Social Committee.


Y.A.N.A. Century Ride - September 13th

From Frank Holatko:

Dear Comox Valley Cycling Coalition members,

A reminder that Sunday, September 13 is the Century Ride, a major fund raising event for Y.A.N.A.

The event is organized by Blacks Cycle with the support of Comox Valley Cycle Club members. The ride is organized such that all levels and cycling abilities are able to participate.

All that is needed is to pick up a registration and pledge sheets at Blacks Cycle and start collecting pledges to complete one of 3 levels of cycling participation or download the forms from the Y.A.N.A. Century Ride website

Level 1
Complete all 3 designated road loops for a total of 100 miles. (160km)
Level 2 Complete 1 or 2 of the designated road loops...
Loop 1 (red) 59km
Loop 2 (Orange) 45km
Loop 3 (Green) 58km
Level 3 Family/Kids Loop 5.8km

Maps of the loops can be seen at www.blackscycle.ca

All the loops start and finish at Blacks Cycle where food, water, juice, technical and moral support is available.

A BBQ will also take place at the completion of the event.

There is no registration fee but I urge you to remember that this is a fund raiser for Y.A.N.A.* and it should be everyone’s goal to raise as much as possible.

May I suggest setting $100:00 as a goal to reach or beat?
Last year 120 cyclists participated in the Century Ride and raised $22,000.
This year the Century Ride’s goal is $30,000.

So keep riding, stay fit, collect pledges and come out and support Y.A.N.A.’s Century Ride.

*Y.A.N.A. You Are Not Alone is a non profit society in the Comox Valley that provides financial support for families faced with a medical crisis involving children.

Frank Holatko
Comox Valley Cycle Club


CanBike1 Course - Saturday August 29th 2009

From Brian Schoneberg:

"Early on the morning of Saturday August 29th, members of the Comox Valley Cycling Coalition converged at the Tsolum Building in Lewis Park.

They were meeting so that they could become Qualified Instructor Assistants of the Safe Cycling Course.

The course is called CanBike1 and now 9 members of Coalition are qualified to assist Ed Schum in providing the course to students from grade 4-7.

A second group will be meeting Wednesday September 2nd at 9:00 am. This will ensure that there is a central cadre to draw upon to provide the course.

The Coalition is working closely with the schools in the valley and will begin teaching Safe Cycling Courses as early as mid September.

At the completion of the classroom lessons and after a quick lunch, all of the members headed out on their bikes to put their new knowledge to use. They travelled across the 5th Street bridge and continued all around downtown Courtenay and out to the Driftwood Mall. They returned into town following Cliffe Avenue and crossed the 17th Street bridge. Up, around and through the major intersection at Ryan Road and Highway 19A (Superstore / Canadian Tire), then finishing back at Lewis Park.

It was challenging riding. The traffic was courteous for the most part and using the new skills allowed everyone to complete each of the sections safely.

The Comox Valley Cycling Coalition’s mission is to create a safe environment for cycling in the Comox Valley and encourage cycling as an effective, economical, healthy and environmentally friendly mode of transportation."


Comox Nautical Days Parade

From Ed Schum:

"Thanks to all the members who came to join in the parade on Monday. We ended up with a great turn out 62 cyclists of all ages riding with us. I would estimate that about 45 of them were CVCCo members and 17 non members. 62 people on bicycles looked like an impressive group and I think we made a good impression.

Considering that we made the decision to participate in the parade only a week ago, I think it turned out really well.

We had a little four year old boy doing the whole distance on a running bike, a teenager performing some impressive stunts on his mountain bike, and a group, under the direction of Terry Dekker, singing cycling songs.

We had a variety of signs with slogans about the purpose of our coalition, and also handed out flyers with our website and vision.

Thanks to all who helped with pulling it off. Of course, we can do it even bigger and better next year."


Join the Parade on BC Day

From Ed Schum:

All cyclists are invited to ride with us in the Comox Nautical Days Parade on Monday August 3rd from 10am.

The objective of this ride is to raise awareness of what cycling can do to keep our communities more liveable; and that more safe cycling routes in our valley will encourage more people to ride their bikes, which will help to make our population healthier and our air cleaner.

If you believe in any of this and own a bicycle and a helmet, join us for this ride. The more people we have in this parade, the stronger the message will be that many people in our valley are in favour of investment into cleaner and healthier transportation.

People in electric (or manual) wheelchairs are also welcome, as they are the ones who need safer and more convenient routes more than anyone.

If you feel like decorating your bike and/or wearing some kind of costume, that would brighten things up, but it is optional.

You can also make up signs like “cycle for cleaner air” “cycling for the fun of it”, “we need safer routes for cycling”, “we need safe routes to schools”, or whatever slogan you come up with, this is also optional.

The most important thing is that you come out and join the parade. it would be great if you could pass this message on to your friends, neighbours, colleagues, etc. and encourage them to come out as well.

We also like to see as many children in the ride as possible, including those pulled in carriages.

Bikes must be in safe working order and approved cycling helmets must be worn.

The marshalling area for the parade is on Gladstone (below Comox Elementary School – a few blocks up Rodello Street from Comox Avenue)

Meeting time is Monday, August 3rd at 10am, the parade starts at 10:30am and should be over in less than an hour.

Hope to see many of you there.

email Ed if you have any questions.