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Make It Yours: Plan Your Route and Go By Bike

The Fall Event "Go by Bike BC Weeks" is 3 weeks away. Now is a good time to plan your route. GoByBike BC has created a video filled with tips to help you plan the best route for you and your cycling style.

Once you have planned your route, make sure you have registered for a chance to win this trip:

This is a pretty good incentive to participate. All you need to do is log kilometres for at least one trip that you choose to ride your bike instead of drive a motor vehicle during GoByBike Weeks October 15-29, 2018.

Regisiter Today at GoByBikeBC - and Join the Comox Valley Cycling Coalition Team.


Comox Valley Fall Cycling Events

Go By Bike BC and the Comox Valley Farm Cycle Tour

It is those rainy days that we often miss the chance to enjoy a bike ride, unless we have an incentive to get out there.  So the Fall in the Comox Valley is a fantastic time to register for a cycling event.  These local events give you a reason to ride your bike rain or shine.

In the months of September and October, many days are still beautiful with blue skies and sunshine.  People are settling back into their work or school routines.  The days are cooler and we are anticipating weather that can feel wet and gloomy.   We often seek motivation to stay active as the winter months approach.

Let the Comox Valley fall cycling events be the motivation you need to keep you on your bike.  The experience can transform a dreary day into an amazing one.

Needing inspiration?  In the video below, Nancy Gothard shares why she particularly loves riding in the wetter winter months and what she does to make it work.  We hope her insights about winter cycling can help others develop the habit to go by bike year round.

There are two Fall Cycling Events on the horizon meant to help inspire you to extend your cycling season in the Comox Valley: 

The 8th Annual Farm Cycle Tour

Fall GoByBike BC Weeks

  • Oct 15-29, 2018
  • Bonus Incentive is a chance to win a trip
  • Register Today at GoByBikeBC - Search for the Comox Valley Cycling Coalition Team