Be Car Free in the Comox Valley

The major event of this month, or perhaps the year will definitely be 'CAR FREE in the Comox Valley', an Open House get together organised by the Courtenay Rec Centre. It will be held on February 26, 7:00 PM in the large hall of the Florence Filberg Centre.

Our group as well as Active Comox Valley, Comox Valley Transit and the Comox Valley Cycling Task Force have been invited to do a presentation and set up an information table at this event. This is a great opportunity for us to spread the word of what we are all about and recruit new members.

This is THE MEETING I would like to see all our members as well as everyone in the Valley who is in favour of cleaner transportation to attend as it could be seen as a mini referendum on this issue. Please mark the date on your calendar and encourage several more people to attend.

As a special incentive there will be free snacks and refreshments.


Comox Valley Record January 28 2009


proposed vision statement

To create a safe environment for cycling in the Comox Valley and encourage cycling as an effective, economical, healthy and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

Objectives and activities:

• Promote the integration of cycling into the local and regional transportation network by upgrading the existing road and highway network, developing an interconnected system of cycling routes, and ensure all new developments provide safe and convenient cycling infrastructure.

• Promote cycling education for children and adults and cycling safety and awareness among cyclists as well as non-cycling road users.

• Promote the integration of cycling with other non-automotive modes of transportation, such as public transit, rail and regional bus transportation. Walking and innovative low impact transportation systems (electric bicycles and scooters, etc.)


First Reconnaissance Ride

The first Reconnaissance Ride of the coalition took place on Saturday 24th January 2009, with Ed Schum, Jan Gemmell, Jim Palmer and Graham Garner.

We looked at (arguably) the best and the worst of cycling infrastructure in the Comox Valley.

The best being the Courtenay Riverway and the worst the 5th Street Bridge.

We started out in temperatures of around freezing, but the sun almost came out and the riding was quite pleasant at the end. It all finished off with a nice chat at Serious Coffee. I am looking forward to more of these rides with a better turn out of riders in future.


Comox Valley Echo January 23 2009