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Courtenay Council Presentation 06 Jun 2015 - Willemare Ave

On 06 Jun, the Comox Valley Cycling Coalition had the pleasure of presenting to the Courtenay City Council our concerns and recommendations regarding planned construction and redesign of Willemare Ave.

President Marg Harris and Director Sue Vince made the presentation and answered questions from council.

The City of Courtenay posts all Council meetings online. The presentation and discussion that follows can be found at this link -- http://www.courtenayvideo.ca/uploads/media/2015-07-06.html

What followed was a motion on which way to go with the design of Wilemare Ave from 26 St to 17 St. For more than an hour discussion, argument, clarification and finally a vote - defeated - and a new motion and deferment were made. It's great to see our civil process in action -- all that can be found in the video beginning at the 0:58 minute mark up until the 2:00 mark.

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