Comox Valley Road Hazard Report

Please contact the appropriate agency below to report any hazards you see on the roads.

Each are responsive and usually quick acting.

Leave a short note expaining the type and severity of the hazard and take a picture and attach it with the email.

Please include so that we can keep a record and follow up.



- Operates on a daily basis

- Priority

  • Main Routes
  • Hot Spots
  • Reported Areas

 - Rely upon reports and follow up ASAP

- Contact 


- Interval varies season to season

- Cycling Paths and Routes Priority

- Respond to citizen complaints

- Contact


- Sweeper available but not dedicated personnel

- Swept when time permits or when necessary

- Contact 

 Regional District (RD) - Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MoTI)

- Emcon is Highway Maintenance Contractor from MoTI

- Yearly activity on all hard surfaced roads, including shoulders

- Usually early spring

- Sweepers within contract area (Port Hardy to Cook Creek)

- Contact


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