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There have been many questions about the signage on the 5th street bridge. Most of the cyclists disagree with the sign, because it assumes that we are riding on the sidewalk and should therefore dismount and walk our bike across.

Most drivers see the sign and "believe" that all cyclists should dismount interrupt our ride and become a pedestrian for the time it takes to cross the bridge.

I believe that it is important the we educate the drivers of vehicles that we are part of the road. We are allowed to be on the road, and if required we can and should take the lane to ensure our safety.

It takes me less than 10 seconds for me to cross the bridge going into downtown, and less than 5 going down the hill. If the driver a car cannot add that little amount of time to their commute ... then TOO BAD.

Take the lane, make them wait 10 seconds and catch up to them at the light.

Update: Done, it's over, the correct signage has been installed and the "Cyclists Dismount" has been removed. Thanks to all the people that continuously worked on this issue.

Done ... Brian

June 13, 2010 | Registered Commentercyclecv